Saturday, 17 March 2018

Get cash back with your Mother’s Day Gift

Use your JKB Mastercard Credit Card at SmartBuy and get 20% cash back.

SmartBuy 20% cashback terms and conditions:

  1. The campaign starts from 9-3-2018 until 24-3-2018 and the bank can stop the campaign at any time based on its own discretion.
  2. The cash back percentage is 20% from the total purchases done at Jordan Saudi Company for Electronics Trading, (SmartBuy) locations at Taj lifestyle, Cozmo, Queen Rania Street and Mecca Street
  3. The customer is eligible to a maximum of 200 JDs cashback value against a total maximum purchases of 1000JD and for a maximum of 2 transactions done during the campaign period.        
  4. Only main JKB MasterCard credit cards are eligible to the campaign.
  5. The eligible MasterCard Credit Card must be active and not delinquent at the end of the campaign.