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Commissions & Fees (Jordan)

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  Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the EFAWATEERcom bill payment service, an electronic system supported by the Central Bank of Jordan, to view and make payments to a number of billers from both the private and public sectors through the Bank’s branches and the Net banker service.
Profits of shares and dividend disbursement is arranged by special agreements between the Bank and shareholding companies that wish to distribute profits to its shareholders by cash or cheque or directly debiting shareholder accounts at Jordan Kuwait Bank or other banks.
Jordan Kuwait Bank provides, through the Arab Orient Insurance Company, a package of insurance programs that meet both the clients’ and general public’s needs both inside and outside Jordan.
Jordan Kuwait Bank’s safe deposit boxes are the safest and most secure place for your precious belongings and your important documents.
Jordan Kuwait Bank maintains a network of the best correspondent banks in the world, the aim of which is to ensure both speed and accuracy when sending and receiving money transfers through advanced and secure equipment and systems.
Western Union money transfer is an exceptional service provided by Jordan Kuwait Bank at all its branches.
Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the service of paying bills and fees, as well as arrangements for payments for: Electricity and water:  Jordan Kuwait Bank offers its clients and the general public the ability to pay their electricity and water bills against a minimal fee.