Wednesday, 27 October 2021
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Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is an easy, fast and secure payment method to facilitate ATM cash withdrawals and purchase transactions by swiping any of the contactless payment tools on the ATM or at points of sale equipped with the contactless feature without the need to enter your PIN in some cases.

Contactless Payment Tools:

  1. Cards (Debit, credit and pre-paid)
  2. Pre-paid Wearables
  3. Credit card Sticker

Benefits of contactless payment

  1. Facilitate payments at any point of sale equipped with the contactless feature within the single / cumulative daily limits. Transactions that exceed the single daily / cumulative limit will require you to enter your PIN.
  2. Can be used for local and international purchases.
  3. Can be used for ATM cash withdrawal at ATMs equipped with contactless feature. Entering the PIN is always required for ATM cash withdrawals and for amounts within specific limits and according to the contactless payment tool used.
  4. SMS notification for successful contactless transactions.

How to use contactless payment tools

Ensure the contactless symbol is present on the point of sale device or ATM. Swipe your contactless payment tool over the contactless symbol and wait to hear the sound or light on the device indicating the transaction was completed successfully.

How to get your contactless payment tool

To request any of the contactless payment tools (card, pre-paid wearable or credit card sticker), please visit a JKB Branch near you.

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