Monday, 5 December 2022
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Aman Plus



Table of benefits for Cancer coverage:



First class

Maximum annual limit/ person

JOD 50,000


Inpatient Coverage (through gig-Jordan’s medical network)

Room & Board

Full coverage


Full coverage

Surgery & Surgeon Fees & Anesthesia

Full coverage

MRI, CT scan and other Diagnostic tests

Full coverage

Companion coverage

Full coverage

Doctor fees & Consultation

Full coverage

Ambulance once/annum

Full coverage


Outpatient Coverage

Doctor fees

Full coverage

Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic Test

Full coverage

X Rays and Radiology

Full coverage


Full coverage

Outpatient Clinic - Emergency

Full coverage



Geographical coverage:


Within the borders of Jordan only and coverage will extend to include Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Boston-United States of America in case treatments are not available in Jordan, consequently economy class tickets and 5-class hotel accommodation for two nights for the patient and the companion are covered.


Additional Benefits:


  • No waiting period.
  • Direct access to all hospitals within gig-Jordan’s network.
  • Full coverage of all medical expenses related to cancer upon diagnosis.
  • Full coverage of nursing home visits.
  • Full coverage of post-treatment psychotherapy.
  • Full coverage of telemedicine services.
  • Coverage of companion fees in case of admission to the hospital (night stays and meals only).
  • Coverage of post-operative plastic and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer cases.




It is understood and agreed upon that this insurance policy (program) covers only cancer related diseases (diagnosis and / or treatment and / or surgical operations), consequently all cases, reasons, services, treatments, injuries, diseases, complications, incapability resulting due to any case not related directly or indirectly to cancer diseases are to be excluded.  Also all pre-existing declared and undeclared cases shall be excluded from this policy.







Annual Premium / member (JOD)


1 Day – 17 Years

38 JOD



18 Years – 45 Years

50 JOD


46 Years – 60 Years

100 JOD


61 Years – 65 Years

200 JOD


For more information please call the Bancassurance department at 06-5629400 ext 5611/5612/5616

*Subject to the policies and provisions of the insurance company