Monday, 5 December 2022
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Capital Market Operations

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers a variety set of capital market products at competitive prices, giving clients the opportunity to invest their funds in long-term investment products with good returns and lower risk. A team of specialists at the Treasury and Investment department provides clients that are interested in trading with capital market instruments (bonds and treasury bills) brokerage services that covers the local and international capital markets.

  • Local Capital Markets:
    Local capital markets services include trading in Jordanian Government treasury bills and bonds that are issued by the central bank of Jordan, bonds issue by semi-governmental corporations, bonds issued by public and private companies in addition to mutual funds. The Treasury and Investment department provides clients with all required information that help them make the appropriate decisions.
  • International Capital Markets
    The Treasury and Investment department manages the Bank's foreign currencies funds in international capital markets. Such markets include sovereign bonds, government bonds, International corporate bonds, securities listed at primary markets, as well as mutual funds and capital guaranteed investment products. The department follows the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan and the Bank's investment policy. The Treasury and Investment department offers its brokerage services to clients wishing to trade in those markets at competitive commission rates.

For more information contact the Treasury and Investment Department by Email or by phone at:

(+962)(6) 5694152 or (+962)(6) 5694397

Or by fax at (+962)(6) 5687452

[email protected]