Thursday, 29 September 2022
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Credit card - 0% Installment campaign 2022


Use your Jordan Kuwait Bank MasterCard credit card at any merchant and pay back your purchases with 0% interest and a repayment period 12 months, within the below features:


  1. The campaign Period is 3 months, starts at 12:00 AM 04/09/2022 and ends at 11:59 PM 04/12/2022.
  2. The Campaign is available for all the Bank clients who hold Jordan Kuwait Bank MasterCard credit cards.
  3. purchases Included in the campaign are:
  • School and university tuition fees installments (Point of sale purchases and e-commerce)
  • Gym, Fitness Center, and Health Clubs (Point of sale purchases and e-commerce).
  • Solar/Diesel energy (Point of sale purchases and e-commerce).
  • Travel and tourism agents (Online e-commerce purchases only).
    1. All local and international transactions are included.
    2. The client can use the installment campaign for more than one Purchase during the campaign if all the conditions were applied.
    3. The possibility of paying the full value of the installed transaction provided that the bank must be informed of that.
    4. The maximum installment period is 12 months.
    5. The minimum purchase amount that qualifies a credit card holder to benefit from the campaign is 200 JOD
    6. The maximum amount of installment is the credit card limit.
    7. All transactions shall be successful, non-reversed transactions at any point of sale or online. The transaction should be processed and not held.
    8. The client cannot benefit from the campaign if there are default payments on his credit card.
    9. The credit card should be active and not defaulted when purchasing.
    10. The client should contact the call center on 065200999 to proceed with the installment within maximum 5 days of the transaction; otherwise, the installment will not be valid.
    11. All of the payments are considered due, in case of default on two consecutive installments, all installments will be merged with the credit card due balance and a monthly interest of 1.75% is recalculated as usual.
    12. If the cardholder cancels the credit card while there are installments, all payments become due, and the Bank shall have the right to demand full payment.
    13. The client can earn JKB rewards and points from the approved POS and E-Commerce transactions.
    14. The bank is not responsible In case of a disagreement between the merchant/service provider and the cardholder/client.
    15. The Bank shall have the right to modify the terms and conditions of this campaign or cancel it without bearing any responsibility.
    16. This Campaign is subject to the Bank's Terms and conditions.