Monday, 5 December 2022
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Crown Family: In & Out Hospital Product


  • First class medical insurance for all family members in and out of hospital / in and outside of Jordan.
  • 24 hour medical consultation.
  • General checkup for all family members (Physical examination, Chest x-ray, ECG, CBC, FBS, Urine analysis) in coordination with the company.
  • Direct access to Arab Company’s medical network through Crown Medical Card.
  • Well distributed medical network inside Jordan (more than 3,620 providers)
  • Reimbursement claims settlement within 7 working days
  • Companion coverage for patients up to 13 Years old.
  • Ambulance Service coverage.
  • Home visit coverage subject to prior arrangement with the approvals department.
  • Free physical examination through gig | ArabOrient In-house clinic

Additional benefits

  • Free Flu vaccination.
  • Coverage of Hormones (except for infertility related).
  • Coverage of Vitamins (excluding vitamins subject to 16% sales tax).
  • Pre-Marital tests (MCV) are covered with maximum limit of JD 50.
  • Travel insurance for one month per year (as required).
  • Installments can be paid in 12 payment for JKB clients.
  • Up to 10% discount on other individual products.
  • Ability to insure domestic workers.
  • Home visit coverage subject to prior arrangement with the gig | Arab Orient Insurance Co.
  • General Checkup in coordination with gig | Arab Orient Insurance Co.
  • This program is subject to gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company standard policy terms exceptions and conditions.


  • Maximum annual limit / Member is JD 100,000.
  • Inpatient maximum annual case limit / Member is JD 10,000.
  • 100% Inpatient coverage.
  • 80% Outpatient coverage except doctor visit 100%.
  • Outpatient maximum annual case limit / Member is unlimited*

* Granting 10 Medical Forms per Member.

Maternity Coverage

Annual Normal Delivery

JD 500

Annual Caesarean Delivery

JD 750

Annual Legal Abortion

JD 250







Age Band

Premium/member/year (JD)

14 days – 17 years

248 JD

18 – 40 years

342 JD

41 – 45 years

431 JD

46 – 50 years

507 JD

51 – 55 years

673 JD

56 – 60 years

838 JD

61 – 65 years

1,114 JD













Providing insurance coverage for conditions arising from the new Coronavirus (Covid-19):

If you were diagnosed with the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) based on a positive PCR test result and confirmed by the attending physician’s case report, Insurance coverage will be provided for cases detected after the benefit comes into effect, excluding all cases arising before the effective date of insurance coverage in accordance with the limit and conditions specified for this additional benefit as follows:

  • Coverage of the cost of Covid-19 PCR test on cash basis by the beneficiary within gig -Jordan laboratories network provided that the test result is positive, no reimbursement will be paid by the insurance company in case the test result is negative.
  • Coverage of medical consultation, chest X-rays and CBC test prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Coverage of necessary antibiotics and vitamins prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Coverage of in hospital treatment if the patient health condition requires hospitalization for symptoms management and according to the evaluation of the specialist physician, provided that these symptoms cannot be treated on an outpatient basis and after agreement of appointed health care providers to admit Covid-19 cases to hospital. In case of inability to receive the service through our medical network, all costs and invoices will be covered by 100% on reimbursement basis for cases requiring admission based on the terms, conditions and exclusions of your medical insurance policy, noting that the insurance company is not responsible for assuring beds availability within hospitals and the company is solely responsible for paying the costs of treatment according to the terms of policy only.
  • Coverage of admission will be for medical treatment purposes only and not for the purposes of isolation or quarantine, knowing that no costs resulting from quarantine will be covered either in a hospital or any other facility.
  • This benefit does not cover vaccines related to Covid-19. 
  • Coverage of Covid-19 PCR re-test post exposure and after the end of treatment will be on direct billing basis, at the request of the attending physician.
  • This benefit covers all age groups up to the age of 65.
  • Coverage of this benefit begins after 30 consecutive days of waiting period from the date of this benefit addition.

• The insurance coverage of beneficiaries will be terminated in the following cases:

  • Reaching the maximum annual limit for the specified benefits in the schedule shown below.
  • Cancellation of the medical insurance policy.
  • The expiry of the medical insurance policy.


Premium and Scope of Coverage 

Annual Premium

Outpatient benefit Annual limit

Inpatient benefit Annual limit

50  (JOD)

200  (JOD)

5,000  (JOD)


For more information please call the Bancassurance department  at 06-5629400 ext 5611/5612/5616

*Subject to the policies and provisions of the insurance company