Saturday, 21 May 2022
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Executive Management

Haethum S. Buttikhi
Chief Executive Officer
Daoud A. Issa
Chief Operating & Support Officer
Zuhdi B. Al-Jayousi 
Head of Corporate Business
Ibrahim F. Bisha
Head of Treasury & Intl. Relations
Dr. Makram A. Al- Qutob
Head of Credit 
Suhail A. Salman
Head of Retail Business
Zeid W. Sharaiha
Head of Investment Business
Ibrahim E. Kashet
Head of Legal Affairs
IbrahIm F. Taani 
Head of Finance
Maher M. Abu Sa’adeh
Head of Information Technology
 Tareq J. Alkhitan 
Head of Operations
Dana A. Jaradat
Head of Strategy & Marketing 
Fadi M. Ayyad
Head of Compliance
Mahmoud I. Al Ahmar
Head of Risk 

Yousef W. Hassan
Head of Internal Audit