Monday, 5 December 2022
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JKB Branches

As part of Jordan Kuwait Bank’s constant endeavor to develop its activities and strengthen its presence in the Jordanian banking market, as well as make its services available in all the areas requiring them and to facilitate banking transactions for clients and the public, the Bank steadily expands its network of branches.

Jordan Kuwait Bank has a network of more than 63 branches, as well as a branch in Cyprus.  All of which enable the Bank’s clients to complete their banking transactions quickly, efficiently and with the same high quality that Jordan Kuwait Bank clients in Jordan enjoy.

Efforts are constantly exerted to raise the level of services and products that are provided to the clients and the public.  This is in addition to the development of outreach methods and service delivery through the Bank’s branches throughout the Kingdom, as well as direct follow-up and monitoring of the level of performance in providing the services and adopting the best practices in the banking sector.

A unified design has been adopted for all Jordan Kuwait Bank branches, where the largest space possible is dedicated for the clients' reception area in order to provide the best direct interaction between the client and the employee.  Service counters are distributed in a manner that facilitates interaction with the client in an atmosphere that ensures comfort, safety, and confidentiality.

In order to provide continuous service, Jordan Kuwait Bank’s experienced and qualified employees and managers are always ready to serve and fulfill the client’s needs, as well as provide guidance and advice about the Bank’s products and services that meet clients’ banking need.