Monday, 5 December 2022
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JKB in the Community

JKB in the Community

One of the most important elements of Jordan Kuwait Bank's institutional logo "More than just a Bank" is embodied in the Bank's commitment to work at enhancing its social role and improving its relations with the local community, as well as contributing to achieving economic and social development as a partner with other national institutions, and a to complement the state's role in this field.

JKB in the Field of Supporting Conferences and Symposia

Jordan Kuwait Bank provides support as contributions towards the costs of holding conferences, seminars and workshops of an economic and commercial nature, as well as participating in such activities.

JKB in the Field of Encouraging Cultural, Artistic and Sport Initiative

Jordan Kuwait Bank strives to sponsor and support the cultural, artistic and sports movement in the Kingdom.In the field of sports, the Bank extends support to a number of sports activities arranged by clubs, schools and universities throughout the Kingdom. JKB also supports the Middle East Arabian Horses Championship, considered to be among the most important championships for Arabian horses, carried out at the Royal Stables under Royal patronage.

As part of its efforts to encourage the cultural and artistic movements in the Kingdom, the Bank provides civil society organizations and relevant associations with the opportunity to use the Bank's theater free of charge as a venue for their activities.

The Bank also nurtures creativity in literature and scientific research, sponsoring the publishing of works by Jordanian authors and writers and acquiring copies to distribute to the Bank’s employees. The Bank also provides contributions to support theatrical productions, concerts and performances by purchasing event tickets to distribute to the Bank’s employees and main clients.

JKB in the Field of Health and the Environment

As part of the Bank’s conviction in the importance of investing in health and the environment, Jordan Kuwait Bank provides support to initiatives and activities that hinge around awareness and positive influence in the fields of health and the environment. In the field of health and in cooperation with the Directorate of National Center for Blood Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank employees participate in a biannual blood drive. In the field of environment, the Bank has numerous contributions that support Jordan Environment Society’s activities, including the national “Cleanup the World” campaign which aims at preserving and cleaning national parks, and directing citizens towards refraining from discarding waste during recreational trips, as well as instilling the concept of utilizing waste economically through recycling.

JKB in the Field of Education & Rehabilitation

Jordan Kuwait Bank realizes the importance of supporting the education sector and training the young generation. Among the Bank's initiatives in this field is extending financial assistance to a number of poor students, and providing scholarships to talented student to attend Jordanian universities. The Bank also provides annual support to Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, covering the cost of university studies for a number of students, in the aim of guaranteeing a better future for orphan male and female students upon their graduation from care homes, to become productive members of society. The Bank also provides general and practical training opportunities for university and community college students to complete their graduation requirements.

The Bank also provides in-cash support as a contribution towards the cost of holding conferences and workshops organized by Jordanian universities throughout the year, in addition to sponsoring and supporting graduation projects, sports and cultural activities for schools and honoring students with highest scores in the General Secondary Examinations.

JKB and Community Service

Jordan Kuwait Bank exerts every effort to carry out its role in humanitarian areas through its continued support to most charitable organizations operating in poor and needy areas, supporting families and empowering women. Among the Bank's activities in community services is its annual contribution to support the Goodwill campaign carried out by Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development, in partnership with other supporters, including individuals, companies, financial and commercial institutions and economic entities within the framework of the social responsibility of the private sector. The Bank also extends an annual support to the SOS Villages, and Bank employees follow up on the children's affairs and visit them during holidays and religious occasions.