Monday, 5 December 2022
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JKB History

In 1976, a number of Jordanian and Kuwaiti investors had the idea that if they brought in capital from a wealthy country, like Kuwait, and invested it wisely in a country that is renowned for its highly developed workforce, like Jordan, something good must come out, and sure it did. Today, Jordan Kuwait Bank is considered one of the few successful Jordanian enterprises established with Inter-Arab interests.

After more than 40 years of banking activities, steady expansion efforts and modernization plans, the Bank has become a well established, highly prestigious and deeply rooted banking institution, boosting a network of more than 64 branches strategically located throughout Jordan and a branch in Cyprus enabling the Bank’s clients to carry out all their financial transactions inside and outside of Jordan swiftly, efficiently and with the highest levels of quality.

The development of the Bank's capital

The Bank’s paid-up capital was gradually increased from JD 5 million at establishment to JD 8.5 million in 1991, to JD 10 million by end of 1994 and to JD 20 million in 1997. Then in 2001, the paid-up capital was increased to JD 25 million and then to JD 31.25 million in 2004. In 2005, the capital was increased to JD 40 million and then to JD 75 million in 2006 and finally to JD 100 Million in 2008.