Friday, 16 April 2021
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JKB Online

About JKB

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers its clients a free and exceptional service that enables clients to access their accounts 24 hours from any personal computer connected to the internet and ensuring their security and privacy.

JKBOnline services include:

  • Inquire about accounts balances
  • Inquire about accounts details
  • Transfer balances to third party from Jordan Kuwait Bank clients in Jordanian Dinars and foreign currencies
  • Transfer balances to third party accounts in other local banks
  • Inquire about last transactions
  • Transfer between client’s accounts in Jordanian Dinars and foreign currencies
  • Make regular payment orders
  • Request a cheque book
  • Request a change of personal data (address, mobile/ telephone numbers etc.)
  • Request an account statement
  • Inquire about currency rates
  • Recharge prepaid cards
  • Inquire about revolving credit cards transactions and balances
  • Transfers balances to third party accounts in foreign banks
  • Revolving credit cards settlement
  • Inquire and pay bills using eFawateercom services
  • Bill payments
  • “Request followup” services
  • Standing order request
  • Loans Inquiry
  • Postdated cheque inquiry
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • ACO 


Online Subscription

If you have an account at Jordan Kuwait Bank you can subscribe online to the “ JKBOnline” service or visit a JKB Branch and fill out a subscription form.

To register a new user from JKBOnline website, please follow the steps of the tutorial video.

If you subscribed for the service by visiting a branch, within three business days of submitting the form, you will receive a message on your mobile phone informing you to visit your branch to pick up your user ID and password if you are an individual client. Corporate clients will receive the Customer ID, User ID and password. You will then be required to activate your account.

Activate your Account

If you subscribed for the service at your branch, and upon receiving your login information, user ID, password, customer ID (only if you are a corporate user), you will then be required to activate your account.

In order to complete the activation process, you will need to send an e-mail from the e-mail address that you provided when registering to the JKBOnline service as shown below:

I have received my subscription password in a closed envelope and I request you to activate my subscription.

Your Name

Your Customer ID No.

In no time, you will receive an e-mail from Jordan Kuwait Bank confirming your request for password activation, and then you can start using JKB Online service.


For more information please call the contact center at 06-5200999 / 080022066 or visit any branch near you.