Friday, 16 April 2021
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JKB Rewards Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty and Rewards Program


First: Definitions

  • Bank: Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB)-Jordan and any of its branches.
  • Customer: Any customer of JKB who has a rewards points account, including individuals and companies.
  • Rewards Program: The Rewards Program, which is offered by JKB to qualified individual and corporate customers, allowing them to earn points and redeem them in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.
  • JKBRewards Application: JKBRewards is a smartphone application available on the IOS and Android operating systems, available in both Arabic and English from JKB to its individual customers.
  • Earned Points: Points or units earned, which the customer receives as a result of transactions performed using both their primary and supplementary credit cards, as well as their primary and supplementary debit cards issued by JKB. Points are credited to a customers Rewards Program account in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.
  • Redeemed Points: Points or units redeemed based on the redeem options available for the Customer through the system, which are then credited to the JKB Rewards Program account in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.
  • Points Account: The JKB account in which the balance of points earned and redeemed is recorded for eligible customers. The points Balance can be displayed and reviewed by using the smartphone application or by contacting JKB call center.
  • Transactions: Any point transactions credited to the points account, including earned, redeemed, Modifying, Granted and expired points.


Second: Rewards Program Subscription:

  1. The Rewards Program is granted for individual and/or corporate customers who own JKB products and/or services that are included in the rewards program according to section 3,point 1 only and it excludes all JKB products and /or services that are not included in the rewards program, as provided in section three, points 2 and 3.
  2. Current customers who have JKB products that are included in the program are qualified to participate in the program automatically, as provided in section three, point 1, according to the terms and conditions. Customers must not have the right to cancel the subscription of the program under any circumstances.
  3. Customers who will have any JKB products among the program in the future will automatically get subscribed.


Third: Jordan Kuwait Bank Products Included/ Not Included in the Rewards Program

 Supplementary Cards: Any points earned through the use of a supplementary card are collected and Credited to the point account of the customer, and points can be redeemed by the supplementary cardholder only through customers.

  1. Cards that are Included
    • Primary and supplementary debit cards.
    • Primary and supplementary credit cards.
  2. Cards not Included in the Rewards Program
    • Co-branded cards (Cozmo and Fly&Plus)
    • American Express credit cards
    • JKB prepaid cards
  3. Transactions not Included in the Rewards Program
    • Cash withdrawal transactions from ATMs using debit cards
    • Fees and expenses (including ATM withdrawal fees, cash withdrawal fees, late payment fees, annual renewal fees, currency exchange fees, over-limit fees, fees on returned payments) or any fees and expenses announced periodically by JKB found in the fees schedule.
    • Any purchase transactions performed on points of sale through fuel stations and government departments 
    • Redemption is only available through MasterCard Credit or Debit issued by JKB.

Fourth: Entitlement and Acquisition of Points

  1. Points can be earned with transactions that are performed  through points of sale (POS) whether in Jordan or abroad by using cards among the program, according to the terms and conditions, and will be credited to the customer points account  , while customers will not earn any points though transactions that are not included on the Rewards Program as mentioned in section three.
  2. Points are calculated according to the following table:
    Type of Transaction Type of Card Amount/JOD Points Earned
    Cash withdrawal Credit card 1 JD 2 points
    Purchase Transactions up to 500JDs Credit cards / Debit Cards 1 JD 1 points
    Purchase Transactions exceeding 500JDs  Credit cards / Debit Cards 1 JD 2 points
    Transactions of interests of revolving credit cards   Revolving credit card 1 JD 6 points


  3. The value of one point earned is: 0.004JD, JKB is entitled to charge the value of the point without referring to the customer, and those should be considered pre-approved and customer has no right to object.
  4. Points are calculated for completed transactions in foreign currencies using the equivalent amount in Jordanian dinar based on the announced exchange rate.
  5. Fractions of a dinar are disregarded when calculating points.
  6. Terms for earning points: 
  • The transactions performed on the card must be successful, and not reversed
  • The Card must be valid, and not expired.
  • Card must not be suspended, cancelled or stumbled according to the credit card Terms and conditions.
  • The Card account must be active and not closed
  • The customer must be committed to the credit and debit Cards terms and conditions.

Fifth: Validity of Points


  1. A point is valid for a period of three years from the day it is earned. The validity of earned points that have not been redeemed expires after three years from the quarter they were earned. Once points have become expired, the customer shall not have the right to redeem for the expired points under any circumstances.
  2. The validity period for current and earned points before 1/12/2018 is three years from their earned date.
  3. The bank has the right, without referring to the customer, to change the validity of points earned at any time it seems suitable.
  4. The customer’s balance of points will be zero and is not replaced or transferred to any relevant person. (A Customer may not claim their balance of points in the following circumstances:)
  • If the customer closes all their accounts with JKB.
  • If the customer passed away.
  • If the customer becomes insolvent.

Sixth: Redeeming Points

  1. Individual customers can only redeem their points through methods available on the JKBRewards app upon customer Selections and cannot be replaced in any other method. In case of joint accounts, the approved signatory for accessing the Internet banking may only access and redeem points through JKB Rewards application.
  2. Corporate customers can only redeem their points through a JKB branch, and not through the JKBRewards app. An approved application must be filled out at the branch and signed by the corporation authorized signatories according to the commercial register. The amount equivalent where the points to be redeemed will only be deposited in the corporations account.
  3. There is no lower limit for redeeming points for individual customers through the app. The minimum limit of redeeming points for corporations are 5,000 points (equivalent to 20JD).
  4. Points cannot be divided, and points are rounded up when redeeming points in case of fractions.
  5. Points must be redeemed before their expiry date and according to the Jordan Kuwait Bank terms and conditions, as outlined in Section 5.
  6. A customer may redeem or use the full balance of points available or parts thereof.
  7. Redeemed points are considered used and non-refunded to customers, and customers can only requests a chargeback as per points.

Seventh: Terms for Using the JKBRewards for Individual Customers

  1. The customer must be a subscriber to the JKB internet banking service JKBOnline.
  2. The application can only be downloaded from the official Google and Apple application stores. JKB is not responsible or liable for any application that is downloaded from any other site or link.
  3. The customer must use their valid username and password to log onto the JKB’s internet system, JKBOnline, in order to access JKBRewards app.
  4. The customer should activate the authenticated mobile device to operate and use the JKBRewards app similar to JKB Mobile.
  5. The application displays customers points balance, which represents the total number of points that can be redeemed.
  6. Methods/ways to redeem points available in the application​
    • Pay with Points: Purchases may be made using points through any merchant or website, locally or internationally, using any credit/debit cards issued by JKB under MasterCard and its PIN code, where the equal amount will be deducted from the customers points balance.
    • Transfer of Points: All or part of the points balance may be transferred from one customer to another JKB customer participating in the Rewards Program, where both of them are using JKBRewards application.
  7. In the event that JKB adds new methods to redeem points through the app, customers will be informed in a way JKB seems it suitable
  8. Credit and Debit Cards terms and condition shall be applied when using the card for payment using points.
  9. All International purchase transactions using points are debited along will currency exchange fees and any other commissions
  10. Objections to using payment transactions with points:
    • Chargeback using points are treated as any other normal card transactions chargeback, and are subject to the terms and conditions of credit cards and debit Cards. These chargebacks are JKB’s responsibility, and has the right to reconcile the results of the chargeback according to its own discretion.
    • In the event that a customer objects any payment transaction using points, the customer will provide the JKB with all supporting documents for these transactions by any financial corporation, authorizing the JKB to reverse these transactions without referring to the customer
    • An amount of 5JD is charged against each chargeback transaction, and shall be credited to the customer if the final decision on the transaction is in their favor.
  11. By accepting the terms and conditions and by using the application, the customer must automatically relieve  the JKB from any responsibility or damage sustained by the customer or a third person as a result of failure to comply with the terms, conditions, and instructions issued by the JKB

Eighth: General Conditions

  1. The bank retains the sole right to cancel or terminate the Rewards Program at any point in time and without cause. Hence, any points earned by a customer are considered null and void, and the customer shall have no right to object.
  2. The bank retains the sole right to amend or modify the Rewards Program in the following cases or any other cases that may emerge in future at any time it deems suitable, and at its own discretion without any responsibility and without the need for the prior approval from any of its customers and/or notifying them thereof:
    • Eligibility for participating in the program
    • Bank products included / excluded from the program
    • Terms of entitlement for points
    • Validity period of points
    • Terms for redeeming points
    • Value of points earned
    • Value of redeemed points
  3. Earning or redeeming points or any other participation in the Rewards Program is considered the full responsibility of the customer, who relieves JKB from any responsibilities thereof. JKB shall not be liable or have any responsibility resulting thereof.
  4. In case of fraud, deception or misuse discovered by JKB. JKB has the right, to immediately confiscate any points earned and to cancel the custombers subscription in the program.
  5.  In case JKB cannot implement any condition from the conditions related to the rewards program, this does not represent a disclaim on these conditions provided by JKB
  6. All claims and objections related to participation in the program or redeeming or replacing points shall be JKB’s responsibility, and has the right to reconcile the objection's results at its own discretion.
  7. In the event of any promotional offers for the Rewards Program, such as additional points, a reward on the points collected, or a time-specific reward, the terms and conditions of the Rewards Program shall apply. These promotional offers may have their own terms and conditions that can be announced at JKB’s discretion.
  8. Membership in the Rewards Program, JKBRewards, is subject to the terms and conditions of credit and debit cards. In the event that any of these terms are breached, this is considered a violation to the Rewards Program and JKB has the right to stop the customers subscription and take any necessary procedures.
  9. The customer acknowledges that JKB’s books and accounts, in any form they appear, are correct and finalized, and the customer shall not have the right to object to, challenge or contest them. Books and accounts are considered legal and acceptable by the customer.
  10. The customer accepts and acknowledges all the terms and conditions of the Rewards Program and shall not have the right to object to any of them.
  11. Bank is not responsible for authorization of transactions, any transaction happened through the registered device is considered legitimate and approved by customer.