Thursday, 9 February 2023
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JKB Slogan

The slogan “More than just a bank” summarizes the set of policies and strategic goals put in place by the Bank’s board of directors with the launch of the overall change and development plan in mid 1997. The context and definition of the slogan reflect the Bank’s commitment in achieving a pivotal leap in all areas of business, aimed at expanding the services and products offered to include the latest innovations and technologies in the banking arena that directly relate to banking or that complement it.

Within this concept, the Bank’s services were expanded to include the provision of investment advisory, legal services, financial engineering, insurance, brokerage and other services that global financial institutions already practice, thus turning the Bank into a one stop customer service provider of integrated and comprehensive set of offerings that meet all the needs of individual and institutional clients.

On the other hand, our understanding of “More than just a bank”, is the special and unique bond with our clients; with the clients feeling the Bank’s concern for their best interest and our attention to the development of their business and promoting their products and services.

On an internal level, our slogan represents the refined relationship between the employees with each other and with the management, constituting to a homogeneous work force which strives to achieve its motto of “More than just a bank”.

The Bank’s contribution to the humanitarian and social issues and support for the educational institutions within our community is an important dimension to embodying our motto.

Our Commitment

Since Jordan Kuwait Bank’s establishment on October 25, 1976, the Bank has been conscientious about playing a leading and distinctive role in serving the national economy through providing distinguished and comprehensive banking services and solutions that meet the needs and interests of the Bank’s clients and general public through a wide network of branches in Jordan and Cyprus.

Our Vision

“To bring the bright future of banking to our customers today.”

Our Mission

“Providing integrated, tailored, and frictionless banking experience through digitally innovative and agile services.”

Our Values

  • We thrive on empowerment
  • We work together
  • We treat all stakeholders as family
  • We welcome change
  • We are responsible corporate citizens