Tuesday, 9 August 2022
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The JKBRewards application provides JKB’s retail customers the ability to manage and redeem their loyalty and rewards program points anywhere and at any point of sale or online locally and internationally.  

JKBRewards gives you the ability to redeem reward points earned through debit and credit card transactions, view your points’ balance, provide a statement with  earned and redeemed points, and view points that are about to expire.

JKBRewards application allows you to:

1. Pay with Points at any merchant or website both locally and internationally.

Through the application, choose the image of the card that you will use to make your next purchase transaction using points. When the transaction is executed, the value of the purchase will be deducted from your points balance directly instead of the card account. The activation of the card is done for each transaction.

2. Transfer rewards points from your account to any of your relatives or friends.

Through the application, choose the transfer icon then add new beneficiary to the list of beneficiaries, noting that the beneficiary must be participant in JKBRewards program. Select the required beneficiary then select transfer You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) to complete the transfer .


  • To begin using the JKBRewards applications, you must be subscribed to the JKBOnline service.
  • To login to the JKBRewards application, the same username and password for JKBOnline / JKBMobile must be used, and the device running the application must be activated through the JKBOnline service.
  • Corporate Customers are required to complete the required to submit the required forms at the branch to redeem their Rewards points in the form of cash debited to their account and a minimum of 5,000 points.
  • Loyalty and rewards program:

The below table shows the loyalty and rewards program earning scheme

Type of Transaction Type of Card Amount / JOD Points Earned
Cash withdrawal Credit cards 1 JD 2 points
Purchase Transactions up to 500JDs Credit cards / Debit Cards 1 JD 1 points
Purchase Transactions exceeding 500JDs  Credit cards / Debit Cards 1 JD 2 points
Transactions of interests of revolving credit cards  Revolving credit card 1 JD 6 points

For JKB Rewards Terms and Conditions, Click here 

For assistance and guidance to use the JKBRewards application, please follow the steps in the tutorial video

Download the JKBRewards application:

For more information please call the Contact Center at 06-5200999 / 080022066