Tuesday, 9 August 2022
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Jordan Kuwait Bank’s Employees Participate in Tree Planting with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

June 17, 2022

On the occasion of the World Day to combat desertification and drought, which falls on June 17 of each year, Jordan Kuwait bank employees participated Jordan Kuwait Bank’s (JKB) employees participated in the ‘Green Caravan Initiative’ in collaboration with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN), where they planted 200 trees in the Jordan Valley area. Within this vision and direction of protecting Jordan’s biodiversity and green expansion zones, JKB is keen to dedicate all its possibilities and guide its employees to actively participate in various initiatives aimed at serving the community and the environment. This is part of Jordan Kuwait Bank’s support for APN’s program “Green Caravan” in Jordan, that aims to increase capacity by helping smallholders and increasing economic dividend, primarily by providing fruit-bearing trees, especially in the Jordan Valley area. In addition to the positive environmental impact of Jordan’s arable lands on greenery to reduce the impact of desertification moratorium and CO2 emissions, it contributes to their living conditions, food security, and the Kingdom’s agricultural production.