Tuesday, 9 August 2022
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Jordan Kuwait Bank/Cozmo Visa

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the JKB/Cozmo Visa credit card, which holders can use to make purchases from the four stores under THE Group umbrella (Cozmo, BHS, Readers and Hamley’s ) and all other stores accepting payment by Visa to obtain points that can be redeemed at THE Group umbrella, or stores participating in the special points program using "The Card".

Advantages of the JKB/Cozmo Visa credit card:

  • A well-known and internationally accepted card that replaces the use of cash or cheques and enables its holder to buy now and pay later.
  • Global usage, providing cash withdrawal from the account around the clock from any ATM that carries the Visa Electron or Plus logos inside or outside Jordan
  • Holders of the card are able to make purchases from stores and service centers that accept Visa Card and within the maximum limit set by the Bank.  Specific maximum limits for internet purchases or postal authorizations can also be specified.
  • The ability to earn 10 points for every JD 1 of purchases at Cozmo, BHS, Readers, and Hamley's, and one point for every JD 1 of purchases anywhere else.  Points can be redeemed at Cozmo, BHS, Readers, and Hamley's or stores participating in the special points program using "The Card"
  • Monitoring card expenses through Jordan Kuwait Bank’s monthly statement, which helps the card holder to better control expenses and purchases
  • Strong purchasing power at home or abroad
  • The ability to access the card's account online and around the clock through JKB Online  https://www.jkb.com.jo for clients who are subscribed to this service
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Free life insurance
  • Interest grace period of up to 51 days
  • Jordan Kuwait Bank/Cozmo visa insurance program with 1 JOD commission / month deducted from customer’s account.

For more information please call the contact center at 06-5200999 / 080022066 or visit any branch near you.