Monday, 5 December 2022
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Life, Personal Accident and Medical Consultations Program (Sanad)

Sanad Product was designed to provide you and your loved ones with a comprehensive protective umbrella, as follows:

  • The amount of insurance coverages is up to JOD 30,000.
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Life Insurance without medical check-ups.
  • The reporting period for death or accidents should be of three years' duration from the time of its occurrence.


(Sanad - Doctors of the World in your hands)

Telemedicine Program- Consultations on treatment or a second medical opinion in the most known medical centers of the United States of America which specialized in the treatment of serious underlying diseases, such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Harvard Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic and other medical centers.


(Sanad – For Your Family)

Natural Death Coverage – in cases of natural death - Allah forbid – MetLife shall pay the basic amount of insurance to your loved ones.

In cases of Accidental Death – Allah forbid – MetLife shall pay the natural death coverage amount and accidental death coverage amount (a double protection) to your loved ones.


 (Sanad - for your continuing in their service)

Accidental Permanent Total and Partial Disabilities – if an injury caused by an accident has resulted in a total and permanent disability (with a percentage of 100%), MetLife shall pay the basic amount of insurance, and if an injury causes a permanent partial disability, MetLife shall pay, according to the Coverage Schedule, a percentage of the basic amount of insurance.


We do not make the future, but we help you in its protection.

.For more information please call the Bancassurance department at 06-5629400 ext t 5611,5612,5616

*Subject to the policies and provisions of the insurance company