Thursday, 8 December 2022
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Life Shield

Life Shield provides solutions to meet the needs of companies through affordable insurance benefits, namely:

  • Group Life Insurance up to JOD 50,000.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance up to JOD 50,000.
  • Cancer Coverage up to JOD 50,000 in cash.

Benefits of Life Shield

  • Group Life Insurance

Life insurance is a major component of the benefits program to any employee, which plays an important role in the financial safety net for the working group. You will give your employees peace of mind with this Life shield through ensuring in the event of loss of life that their dependents’ wellbeing is taken care of. Life Shield provides financial support up to JOD 50,000 in order to help beneficiaries to get what they need.

  • Accidental Death

Accidental Death benefit, which guarantees insurance protection for Insured Persons worldwide, helps to provide the beneficiaries with the financial support in the event of the insured persons got in an accident. Provision of round-the-clock coverage, all year round would complete life insurance benefits through acquiring double the life insurance benefit in cases of Accidental Death (which could be up to JOD 100,000).

(The coverage and benefits shall not be offered to the states included in the international sanctions list).


  • Critical Illness (Cancer Coverage)

The insured employee could be unexpectedly diagnosed as having a critical illness (Cancer), which would significantly impact on the employee’s financial situation.

Life Shield Coverage for critical illnesses provides the employees with lasting benefits by the provision of substantial financial support in order to help them in compensating any loss to income that could arise from the inability to work.

Obtaining an amount immediately payable up to JOD 50,000 against the diagnosis of any critical illness of cancers, which would help the insured to cover immediate expenses and protect his family’s financial situation.

The critical illness coverage date shall start after 121 days from the start date of the insurance.


.For more information please call the Bancassurance department  at 06-5629400 ext t 5611,5612,5616

*Subject to the policies and provisions of the insurance company