Monday, 5 December 2022
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Applicable only for vehicles with value between  JD 30,000 –  JD 50,000

Vehicle age not to exceed 6 years


  • Substitute car for 5 days, once a year only for any covered claim, with a maximum limit of JD 35 per day and JD 175 annually, subject to providing a police report.
  • Zero Deductible in the event of any covered claim for the first time only, for subsequence covered claims the insured shall bear JD 50 (Subject to sales tax) for each & every claim.
  • Coverage against natural hazards and losses due to snowfall and its accumulation.
  • Coverage for CD, DVD and Stereo players up to JD 500 annually in case of any covered claim.
  • Airbags Coverage in case of a covered claim.
  • Covering 100% of the mechanical parts in case of a covered claim after considering depreciation being 6% for each year maximum 30%, except for the first year of manufacture.
  • Compensation payment within 5 working days from handing in invoices and full documents relating to the accident.
  • No Claim Bonus equivalent to 5% of the net premium subject to client renewing policy with Arab Orient Insurance Company.
  • Free Road Assistance Service including:
    • Renewing vehicle’s annual registration.
    • Pulling the vehicle in case of mechanical malfunction from any place the client chooses inside Jordan.
    • Recharging the vehicle’s battery and starting up the vehicle in any place inside Jordan.
    • Repairing the flat tire and/or the spare tire in any place inside Jordan.
    • Filling the vehicle with fuel in case of emptiness on road with a limit of three and a half liters in any place inside Jordan.
    • Pulling the vehicle stuck in snow / sand (only while driving) in any place in Jordan.

Additional Coverage


  • Vehicle repair at dealership service center for an additional premium of  JD 125.
  • Exemption of depreciation rate for new parts with an additional 15% on the total premium subject to vehicle not exceeding 3 years old.
  • Covering 100% of the vehicle damages without police report up to  JD 500 once a year for an additional 15% on the total premium.
  • 5% Discount on premiums if more than one vehicle is insured under Metallic and Grand Metallic programs.
    • 3% applied on vehicle’s value.
    • 3.25% applied on Hybrid vehicle’s value.


For more information please call the Bancassurance department  at 06-5629400 ext 5611/5612/5616

*Subject to the policies and provisions of the insurance company