Tuesday, 9 August 2022
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Office and Clinic Loans

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers direct loans to professionals, including doctors, engineers, lawyers, merchants, and accountants to enable them to own their clinics and offices in lieu of rent.



1- Financing up to 80%.

2-  Loan tenor up to 10 years.

3- A grace period up to 6 months if the financing is for the purpose of purchasing an office.

4- Free Life insurance coverage.

Terms and conditions 

1-  Minimum salary (income) transfer 750 JOD

2-  Maximum DBR is 50% for for salaries transferred and 40%for self-employed person.

3-  Minimum employment for the borrower 6 months for salaries transferred and 12 months for self-employed person.

4-  Minimum age is 21 years and not to exceed 70 years at the end of loan tenor.

Required documents 

- Syndicate Membership, and a certificate of practicing the profession

- Salary slip for the last month

- Bank statement for the last 6 months.

- A statement of the financial status of the customer/Medical Doctors

-  A copy of Valid ID 

- A valid professions license for the clinic/office

- A lease contract for the clinic or office.

Real estate documents

- Title deed of not registered property

- Cadastral plan

- Organizational site chart

- Work permit or recent construction permit

- The initial sales contract

For more information please call the sales department at 06-5667431 or by Email [email protected].

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