Flexible, rewarding banking


Jordan Kuwait Bank offers several types of accounts that fits all age groups and their daily needs, as well as many facilitations with flexible terms to obtain the appropriate funding/ financing.

Current Account

Ability and Flexibility in Managing your Funds

Our Current Accounts are designed to simplify managing day-to-day financial needs for retail and corporate clients. Pay bills, write checks, access and manage money online any time.
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Saving Accounts

Open an account and save for your future and your beloved ones’, with ease and flexibility, enabling you to achieve the highest savings rate at1.25% interest.
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Golden Savings Accounts (Premium Accounts)

Save for the future. Grow your funds

The Golden Savings Account (Premium Savings) enables you to achieve the highest savings rate at 2.25% interest. The account allows you to get a higher return on your savings.
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Fixed Deposit Account

Look no further. High returns on investments.

Resident and non-resident, Jordanian and non-Jordanian clients can open a Fixed Deposit Account[s] in JOD and foreign currencies. Interest is calculated based on the daily balance and is paid upon its maturity.
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Certificate of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit

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Basic Bank Account

Jordanians residing in Jordan can now open a Basic Bank Account at Jordan Kuwait Bank.
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