Markabati Program

  1. Purpose of Financing: This program aims to finance the acquisition of (New and Used) vehicles through a reduced loan based on providing a financing option to SMEs.


  1. Target Sectors: ALL Economic Sectors.


  1. Loan Amount: The maximum loan amount is (JOD 500,000) and the minimum amount is (JOD 10,000).


  1. Loan Duration: brand-new vehicles (7 years) except for rental cars ( 6 years) and USED Vehicles ( 5 years) and minimum of one year.


  • Tenor Period: up to 6 months maximum and calculated within the total period of above payment.


  1. Interest Rate and Commission: 9% and 0.5% commission (first year only).

  1. Funding Ratio:
  • Private cars , pick-ups, cargo :
  • 100% (brand-new vehicles).
  • 90% (used vehicles)


  • Rental cars and delivery cars : 80% for brand-new vehicles only.

  • Mobile equipment :
  • 90% brand-new and 80% used.

  • Chinese vehicles :
  • 50% for all vehicles except ( Geely) and ( MG) according to the above categories.


  1. Terms of Financing:
  • The name of the company or partner must not appear on the list of returned cheques.
  • The name of the company or partner must not appear on the watch list (sanction)
  • No past dues showing on inquiries and provide a proof of commitment.
  • Minimum of one year business operation period
  • Must obtain a bank statement for one year , with no returned cheques for insufficient balance (if applicable)
  • Financial solvency for grantors
  • Must not have any financial issues or any negative indications within the CRIF system.
  • The monthly interest is paid during the grace period from the customer's sources.


This financing program runs from 31/5/2023 till 30/5/2024.