Savings Account Prizes Program

Open or recharge your prize savings account to  become one of the winners of  the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal, and annual grand prizes at the end of the year. The more you recharge the account, the greater your chance of winning. 

Targeted Clients:

  • All individual customers who wish to save their money and benefit from the features offered by the bank for holders of this account.

Benefits of the Prize Savings Account:

  • The minimum amount to open an account and enter the drawer is JOD 100.
  • The possibility of opening an account through the banking application or by visiting one of our branches.
  • The opportunity to win more than one prize during the year within a different periodical.
  • Freedom to withdraw and deposit from the savings account at any time.
  • Benefit from all electronic services. (JKBMobile, JKBOnline, JKBRewards, JKBFawri, Western Union Digital, ITM, e-FAWATEERKOM, ATM Cash Order – ACO)
  • Obtain the Direct Debit Card for free, which enables you to access the bank’s electronic channels.
  • Earn interest credited to your savings account at a rate of 0.001% (calculated on the minimum available balance during the month and added semi-annually to the account).


Chances of winning prizes:

- Basic chance: One chance for every JOD 50 of the account balance until the previous day of the draw date

- Additional chances:

  • One additional chance for every 90 days of account life with a minimum monthly balance of JOD 500.
  • One chance for each product obtained by the customer from the bank (personal loans, housing loans) based on bank’s selection of products.
  • One chance for every cash deposit/transfer transaction in the savings account of JOD 250 during the year from the date of opening the account.

The maximum total chances are 1,500.

Saving account prizes:

Minimum balance  

Number of winners




























Terms and Conditions:

  • The savings account prize program is exclusively available in Jordanian Dinar currency for individual customers at Jordan branches. To enter the draw, a minimum of 100 JOD is required to open an account.
  • One month must pass from the opening date of the prize savings account to be eligible for the draw.
  • Interest is applied to the prize savings account at a rate of 0.0001% according to the interest calculation mechanism approved by the bank.
  • Winners are required to consent to the announcement of their names through the bank’s various advertising platforms, including visual, audio, print, and social media. This announcement serves as notification to the customer, who does not have the right to object.
  • The bank retains the right to photograph grand prize winners and announce them through any advertising means deemed appropriate. If a customer objects to this, the bank reserves the right to withdraw the prize from them.
  • The prize is valid for three months from the draw date. If this period elapses without the customer claiming the prize, the winner forfeits their right to receive it, and they cannot claim it from the bank. In such cases, an alternative winner will be selected.
  • No employee of Jordan Kuwait Bank is entitled to be a beneficiary of the savings prizes for customers, whether in personal or joint accounts.
  • The winning customer bears the income tax on the prizes, which amounts to 15% of the prize value if it is 1,000 dinars or more, so that the tax is deducted before it is credited to the customer's account.
  • The opportunity to win more than one prize during the year within a different periodical.
  • Dead and closed accounts, deceased customer accounts, and cash insurance accounts are excluded.
  • All savings account prizes are subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.
  • The Program ends on: 31/12/2024