Mastercard World Elite Biometric Credit

Connecting you to what matters.

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the internationally accepted Mastercard World Elite Biometric Credit cards, allowing holders to pay back withdrawals in monthly installments, with a period of up to 51 days.


  • Card limit starts at JOD 20,000
  • The ability to make a payment easily and quickly by using your fingerprint to authenticate the purchase.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Validity period of up to 3 years.
  • Mail order & online shopping services.
  • The card offers 3DS service for further security on online purchases. 
  • The ability to inquire about card transactions, balance, or payments easily through all the Bank’s electronic channels.
  • Contactless payment feature to facilitate payment transactions with instant approval, with a limit of JOD 100 per transaction and a maximum of JOD 300 per day.
  • Installment payment service is available for purchases with 0% interest through a group of our partners over a period of 36 months, to know our partners click here. 
  • Instant discounts when purchasing from any of our partners.
  • Cardholders have complimentary access to over 1200 airport lounges regionally and internationally by registering on the MasterCard travel pass App which allows you with a free and guest access to your VIP lounges.
  • The ability to issue a Sticker card linked to the primary card, which is attached to the back of the mobile to enable the cardholder to withdraw cash and purchase through ATM and POS machines, locally and globally that support contactless payment within specified withdrawal limits.
  • Cardholders can benefit from Priceless Cities, a program tailored for MasterCard cardholders through the webpage (www.priceless.com).
  • Free subscription to Basic Shop & Ship membership or subscription to Flex Shop & Ship membership for only USD 10 paid only for the first year. For the promo code and sign up instructions, click here.
  • Electronic credit card statements will be sent to you periodically on monthly basis to your email.
  • Free life insurance coverage subject to the approval of the insurance company.
  • The ability to subscribe to the Quintessentially personal assistant service, a leading provider of personal assistant services globally, which provides its interactive services to members subscribed to the service through a 24/7 service center to serve you.
  • Enjoy the best deals on restaurants, fitness centers, beauty, hotels, and tourist attractions, when using your Mastercard. To learn about the details of the offers available near you, download the Priceless Specials app from Google Play or App Store.
  • the avaliablity of cash transfer from credit card to account service, to learn more about the service, please click here 
  • To learn about all the benefits and features, please visit www.priceless.com. 
  • How to register your fingerprint on the Mastercard world elite Biometric credit card