ATM Cash Order (ACO) service

The ATM Cash Order (ACO) service from Jordan Kuwait Bank allows you to send money to yourself or to another beneficiary, regardless if the beneficiary is a Jordan Kuwait Bank customer or not, so that they can collect their ACO payment from any Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM immediately and without the need to use an debit  card or to visit a branch.

How to use the ACO  service:

  • To issue an ACO payment, select “ATM Cash Order ACO” from “Transfers” Menu in JKBOnline service or from “Payments” menu in JKBMobile application.
  • Select the account you want to issue the payment order from, the beneficiary type (myself or another beneficiary) and the payment amount; noting that the payment amount should be a multiple of 10 with a minimum amount of 10 JOD and a maximum of 500JOD.
  • In the case the beneficiary type selected is “another beneficiary”,  enter the beneficiary’s name and their mobile number. You can also select the beneficiary from the previously entered list of beneficiaries.
  • An SMS will be sent to you “the payment issuer” to your registered mobile number containing the payment reference number and password.
  • Forward the SMS to the ACO beneficiary whom you have entered when creating the ACO payment so as to collect their ACO payment.
  • Direct the beneficiary to visit the nearest Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM and choose “Cardless Services” to collect the ACO payment.
  • The beneficiary will enter the ACO reference number and password during the payment collection process.
  • An SMS with a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the beneficiary’s mobile number that you provided when issuing the ACO payment. The beneficiary is to enter it when prompted by the ATM as a second verification method.
  • The ACO payment should be collected by its beneficiary within 3 days from its issuance or else it will become expired and it will be reversed back automatically to the issuer’s account.
  • In the case the beneficiary entered the password incorrectly 3 times, the ACO payment will be canceled and it will be reversed back automatically to the issuer’s account.