The Villa

Our Private Banking Headquarters “The Villa” is a carefully curated environment, created exclusively for clients to conduct their business in. It represents a contemporary and sophisticated approach to personal finance at the highest level, The Villa” also hosts its very own branch exclusive to the private banking’s clients. The Private Banking branch caters for every eventuality with a range of banking services, it also include the Vault, a 24/7 automated safe deposit room, to spaces and meeting rooms, including a brokerage lounge and a seminar room.


We facilitate various financial services where we act as the intermediary between buyers and sellers of securities in our highly equipped brokerage room. We execute the purchase and sale of securities and related elements to the securities’ brokerage business.

Sharia Compliant Products

All potential portfolio investments are assessed for adherence to Islamic law. We enable investment in funds and fixed income Sukuk products that comply with Sharia. The aim is to achieve comparable returns to conventional fixed- income instruments such as bonds, by paying profit rather than interest. Different types of Sukuk are based on different structures of Islamic contracts (Murabaha, Ijara, Musharaka, Istithmar) depending on the project it is financing.


An exchange traded fund is a basket of securities that often tracks an underlying index. They are similar to mutual funds but are listed on exchanges and traded throughout the day just like an ordinary stock. ETFs are a popular choice for diversification as they contain multiple assets and provide lower average costs.

Mutual Funds

We identify and analyze our client’s investment objective and appetite for risk, to match their profile to an appropriate fund. They are designed to diversify risk while capturing wider market gains.


One of our major investment services is stock trading, based on our global trading platform. Investors who engage in stock trading seek capital growth and can benefit from dividend distribution.

Fixed Income

Based on the client’s requests, our research team can prepare an exclusive list of investments, offering risk-adjusted returns. We strive to ensure our list is diversified and inclusive in terms of region, industry and risk.

Nondiscretionary Portfolio Management

We also provide non-discretionary portfolio management, where our team acts as broker and advisor for a wide variety of investment products, with agreed client consent for their trades.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We are pleased to be able to offer managed portfolio services for our private clients. This is where our Relationship Managers consults with our client to identify the most appropriate risk- adjusted asset allocation to attain their financial aims. The investment committee then builds the portfolio, leveraging its expertise and applying meticulous research and analysis, to buy and sell securities on behalf of our client.