JKB Fawri

JKB Fawri enables instant money transfers between Jordan Kuwait Bank clients in Jordan and Quds Bank clients in Palestine. The service is available 24/7 through the electronic channels of both banks and without commission fees currently.

Service features:

  • Customers from both JKB and Quds Bank can send and receive transfers to each other using their internet and mobile banking services around the clock, seven days a week.
  • The service offers the highest standards of speed and security. The payment is processed through the secure Block chain network; guarantying the speed of the transfer and delivering funds to the beneficiary immediately.
  • Ability to inquire and follow up on all inbound and outbound transfers on the account.
  • The service is available in Jordanian Dinars and other foreign currencies (Dollar / Euro / Pound Sterling)

How to use the service:

  • Login to JKBOnline or JKBMobile.
  • Select the JKB Fawri from the JKBMobile menu or “Fund transfer” from the JKBOnline menu.
  • Fill in the required information, the preferred account to be deducted from, the beneficiary's details, the amount, the method of payment, the purpose of the transfer and the notes, and then click next.
  • After reviewing the transfer details, enter the financial transactions password for the transfer and click Execute. The transfer will be deposited into the beneficiary's account immediately.

Inquiry and follow-up transfers:

  • Log in to JKBOnline or JKBMobile.
  • Select fund transfer and choose JKB FAWRI inquiry to follow up on outbound transfers.
  • Select the period you want to inquire about.
  • Details of the outbound transfers will be displayed