Wearable is a Prepaid Mastercard

Prepaid Mastercard Wearable, enables its holder to make contactless payments through points of sale and cash withdrawals, by waving the smart bracelet in front of POS and ATMs that provides the contactless payment service.

EMV Chip micro tag, powered by a contactless payment technology, is placed within the bracelet, in return customers can use it for contactless payments, within a limit specified by the Bank.

  • Validity period up to 3 years
  • Only issued to JKB customers.
  • Available at all Jordan Kuwait Bank's branches in Jordan.
  • The card can be charged through all Jordan Kuwait Bank’s branches. JKB customers can recharge the card through the Bank’s ATM, JKBMobile, or JKBMobile, for customers subscribed to the service. Card cannot be recharged in decimal, and the minimum value is JOD 20.
  • Accepted locally and globally.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from JKB ATM and other banks.
  • Instant discounts when purchasing from any of our partners.
  • Contactless payment feature to facilitate transactions with instant approval, with a limit of JOD 100 per transaction and a maximum of JOD 300 per day.
  • Mail order & online shopping services.
  • The safest card for internet shopping within limits.
  • offers 3DS service for further security on online purchases.
  • Call center available 24/7.

Note: Jordan Kuwait Bank does not have any agents to resell any of its products online. It is not within the Bank’s policy to sell its products online. JKB is not responsible for products sold by unauthorized resellers.