Commercial Services

Bills For Collection

If you prefer dealing in documentary or clean bills for collection for paying / collecting funds from other commercial parties, Jordan Kuwait Bank is willing to provide its services to importers and exporters, including following up on your payment collections from other commercial parties.

Letters Of Guarantee

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers its clients the services of issuing  letters of guarantee to enable them to finalize their business transactions.

Import Letters Of Credit

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers its clients the service of import letters of credit as they are considered the best way for making payments in international trade, covering the rights of both the exporter and the importer.

Export Letters Of Credit

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers its clients who export their products and services the ability to receive Export (Inward) Letters of credit, which are the best means for implementing their transactions and avoiding any potential problems with the importers for any reason.  Clients may be given the option to discount these LCs according to special conditions.

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