Execute payments from your JKB accounts to companies’ accounts in other local banks, through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

Also our companies clients can collect their payments through this service.

Features of ACH Direct Debit

  • A secure automatic alternative to traditional bank checks.
  • Has determined start and end dates, the sum of the transactions’ value, and the value of every transaction
  • Authorization currency is Jordanian Dinars only
  • This service is available for Jordanians only


How to use the ACH Direct Debit service

  • Print the Direct Debit Authorization Form.
  • Fill two copies of the form
  • Read and accept the authorization’s terms and conditions.
  • Sign the form using your approved bank signature.
  • Submit your signed copy of the form to the bank.


The service is subject to terms and conditions and requirements

For more information please call the Contact Center at 065200999

To download the form, please Click Here