JKBRewards, provides JKB’s retail customers with an easy to use and compensating application that allows customer to collect and redeem loyalty points. Along with extensive point management functions, such as view point balance, statement issuance, and point expiry notifications.

Loyalty points can be earned through debit and credit card transactions, while they can be redeemed through the “next transaction by points” feature. Which allows JKB customers to use the collected points to make real time transactions at any POS or Ecommerce website.

How to use:

In order to benefit from the JKBRewards, clients must be enrolled in the JKBOnline service. Once the customer is enrolled, the device activation step is taken, where the customer needs to verify the mobile phone they are using, as a security measure to ensure JKB’s customer safety. Once the device is activated, the customer can download the application, and log-in using the same credentials for the JKBOnline.

follow the steps by of the tutorial video

  • Point Earning: customers earn points by using their JKB credit or debit card for transactions. Each transaction rewards the client with certain number of points:


Type of transactionType of cardAmount / JODPoints earned
Cash withdrawalCredit cards1 JD2 points
Purchase Transactions up to 500JDsCredit cards / Debit Cards1 JD1 points
Purchase Transactions exceeding 500JDsCredit cards / Debit Cards1 JD2 points
Transactions of interests of revolving credit cardsRevolving credit card1 JD6 points

  • Pay with Points: points earned by the customer can be used in POS transactions at both local and international merchants. In order to use the points, the below steps must be followed:

    1. Log into JKBRewards application.
    2. Select the card that you wish to use as “next transaction by points”
    3. Toggle the button “next transaction by points”
    4. Use the same card selected in order to make the payment.

  • Transfer points: customers can transfer points to any other JKB customer enrolled in JKBRewards program, following the below steps:

    1. Log into JKBRewards
    2. Select “ point transfer” option
    3. Add new beneficiary or select new beneficiary
    4. Select number of points to be transferred

OTP will be sent for verification

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