Personal Accident Insurance Program

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers a Personal Accident Income Protection Program that protects the family’s income in the event that the head of the family (a participant in this program) has an accident resulting in a complete or partial permanent disability that prevents him from carrying out or continuing doing his job, or in the event of death.

  • JOD 1 monthly as an insurance installment.
  • Coverage up to JOD 12,000
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Compensation up to JOD 12,000 in case of accidental death or permanent complete disability.
  • Compensation up to JOD 12,000 multiplied by the complete partial disability (according to the deficit table).
  • This product is for the Bank’s customers with transferred salaries, and credit card holders of Both Mastercard and Visa types.
  • JOD 1 is deducted and credited to payroll accounts and credit card holders’ payment accounts in advance, to ensure they receive coverage.
  • Customers can opt out of the program at any time by visiting any of the Bank’s branches.
  • The company is not bound by any claim under this program unless a written notice was submitted within 1 year after the occurrence of any accident, which may result in a claim and on the forms prepared by the company for this purpose.

Conditions: Subject to all terms, clauses, conditions, dismemberment schedule, and exclusions in accordance to the insurance Company personal accident policy.

For more information,

Please call the Bancassurance department at 06-5629400 ext. 2059 / 2053.

The above is Subject to the terms, conditions, and exceptions of the contract.