American Express (AMEX)

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the American Express card to its elite customers, making it a substitute for cash or cheques.


The American Express card provides its holders with a renewable monthly credit limit, enabling them to make purchases or obtain cash through the Express Cash ATMs available globally or through bank branches available in Jordan carrying the American Express logo. It also allows for repayments on a monthly basis or on specific days, such as; at the end of every month, by debiting the client's current account in JOD or USD.

American Express Cards are supported by services globally, in addition to a package of the world's most renowned loyalty program.

With the membership rewards program, cardholders earn one point for every USD spent. Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel stays, retail vouchers, and much more.

Card Limit

Card Type

3,000 USD


5,000 USD


20,000 USD


50,000 USD