Jordan Kuwait Bank offers an extensive set of foreign exchanges products that meet clients’ needs in maximizing their profits or hedging and protecting their financial assets, including trading in foreign currencies and precious metals in the spot and forward markets. Foreign exchange transactions are executed through direct contact with the dealing room at the Treasury and Investment department, which is equipped with the latest communications equipments and modern financial information systems.

Foreign exchange services include the following:

  • Buying and selling foreign currencies against each other and against the Jordanian dinar in the spot market.
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies against each other in the forward market.
  • Buying and selling precious metals (gold and silver) in the spot and forward markets.
  • Foreign currencies Swaps.
  • Receiving clients' orders for buying or selling foreign currencies during or after official working hours.
  • Furnishing the clients with the exchange rates and latest developments and forecasts in the foreign exchange markets.
  • Summarizing and analyzing international economic indicators and financial data issued by major countries.
  • Providing the clients with information regarding available hedging strategies against currency fluctuations.
  • Issuing a daily exchange bulletin for buying and selling major foreign currencies against the Jordanian dinar.

Foreign exchange services are characterized by:

  • Speed and accuracy in executing the deals.
  • Competitive commission rates.
  • Specific trading volumes per transaction.
  • Trading through major banks in international financial markets.
  • Deals are executed on the basis of actual payments from clients' accounts.
  • Availability of a qualified and efficient team of experts to follow up investors orders.

For more information contact the Treasury and Investment Department by Email or by phone at:

(+962)(6) 5694152 or (+962)(6) 5694397

Or by fax at (+962)(6) 5687452

[email protected]