Financial Institutions and International Banking Services

Financial Institutions and International Banking Services


Jordan Kuwait Bank is committed to providing high quality banking services to banks and financial institutions at competitive prices and with added personal care and attention.

The Bank’s commitment to the quality of the service is strengthened by the efficiency and capability of the work team that includes specialists who enjoy creative thinking and the ability to provide speedy solutions, in addition to the advanced technical systems that aim to keep abreast with the continuous development in the banking sector.  All this aims to meet the clients' aspirations through the network of branches found in all parts of Jordan.

The Financial Institutions works on developing and managing banking relations between Jordan Kuwait Bank and correspondent banks and financial institutions around the world and is pleased to offer the banking products and financial services listed below, which were designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of our financial institutions clients.

  • Correspondent Banking Services.
  • International Transactions Banking Services.
  • Risk Participations.
  • Global Trade Finance Services:

Letter of Credits (LC’s), Letter of Guarantees (LG’s), Standby Letter of Credits (SBLC’s).

Bills of Collections – Discounting of Acceptance and Avalised Bills.


For more information, please call the Financial Institutions Department at:

Tel: + 962 6 5629400 Ext: 3002100, 3002105, 3002127, 3002113

Fax: + 962 6 5687452  

Email [email protected]