Jordan Kuwait Bank has obtained all the necessary licenses from the Jordanian Securities Exchange Commission that enables it to extend to its corporate clients a complete set of investment services at competitive prices through a team of specialists at the Treasury and Investment department that have been licensed by the commission to provide these services.

Safe Custody of Securities

  • Registering and safekeeping clients' securities as proof of ownership.
  • Receiving and delivering clients' securities upon trading.
  • Receiving bonds coupons and shares dividends and delivering them to clients.
  • Sending periodical reports to clients about their securities’ portfolios and cash accounts.

Managing and Accepting Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Subscriptions.

  • Managing and marketing IPOs on behalf of the issuer and accepting IPOs subscriptions at the Bank’s branches.
  • Providing long-term financing for joint stock/ shareholding companies of high financial solvency and strong reputation at the lowest possible costs by issuing bonds.
  • Assisting companies in determining the IPOs launching dates and the quantities of shares or bonds to be offered in the market.
  • Offering consultancy and management services to render the IPO process a success.
  • Preparing the IPO prospectus and undertaking all necessary studies and measures for issuing and registering the securities at the Security Exchange Commission.

Investments Trustee

  • Monitoring and following up how investment managers manage clients' investments to insure their compliance with the clients’ investment guidelines and goals that were listed in the investment management agreement signed between the client and the investment manager.
  • Extending the investment trustee services for local mutual funds, including the Jordanian Securities Fund (Housing Bank).

Bonds Trustee

  • Extending bonds trustee services for companies that has issued bonds in a manner that serves the interest of bond holders within the context of the law.

 Registrar and paying agent 

  • Registering and safekeeping clients' bonds certificates issued by institutions and companies.
  • Receiving from bond issuers and delivering to the bond holders the bond’s nominal amounts and relevant coupon payments.

For more information contact the Treasury and Investment Department by Email or by phone at:

(+962)(6) 5694152 or (+962)(6) 5694397

Or by fax at (+962)(6) 5687452

[email protected]