Jordan Kuwait Bank offers the clients margin trading service in foreign currency and precious metals by depositing a cash margin that equals 15% of the value of their debit or credit foreign currencies position, whichever is greater.  For example, if the client deposits USD15,000 he will be able to trade up to USD100,000.  A team of specialists at the Treasury and Investment department follows up clients' orders, execute their deals, and keep them informed with the exchange rates and the latest market developments.

Margin trading accounts were designed to serve professional investors who are interested in maximizing their investments and benefiting from the prices movements of foreign currencies and precious metals in order to achieve profit. 

Margin trading service is characterized by:

  • Speed and accuracy in executing the deals.
  • Competitive commission rates.
  • Specific trading volumes per transaction.
  • Trading through major banks in international financial markets.
  • Deals are executed on the clients' margin trading accounts.
  • Availability of a qualified and efficient team of experts to follow up investors orders.

For more information contact the Treasury and Investment Department by Email or by phone at:

(+962) (6) 5694152 or (+962) (6) 5694397

Or by fax at (+962) (6) 5687452

[email protected]