Jordan Kuwait Bank offers a variety set of money market products at competitive prices, giving clients the opportunity to invest their funds in short-term investment products with good return.  A team of specialists at the Treasury and Investment department manages the money market operations and follows up clients' requests. The department is also active in the inter-bank market and the certificates of deposit (CDs) market for Jordanian Dinar and for major foreign currencies.

The money market services include:

  • Accepting clients' deposits in Jordanian dinar and foreign currencies, whereby clients are offered higher interest rates on their deposits according to the deposit amount and the fixing period which might range from one month to one year.
  • Issuing certificates of deposit (CDs) in Jordanian dinar and in major foreign currencies at higher interest rates than those of regular deposit and for maturity periods ranging from six months to three years.
  • Trading in short-term fixed income instruments whether in the local or international markets, including treasury bills, bonds, and commercial papers which are issued by governments, cooperates and financial institutions.
  • Issuing an interest rate bulletin for clients' deposits in Jordanian dinar, Euro, and the Sterling Pound.

For more information contact the Treasury and Financial Institutions Department by Email or by phone at:

(+962)(6) 5694152 or (+962)(6) 5694397

Or by fax at (+962)(6) 5687452

[email protected]