Jordan Kuwait Bank Awarded "Best SME Bank" for 2024 from Euromoney

Jul 1, 2024

Jordan Kuwait Bank has been honored with the "Best SME Bank" award for 2024 by Euromoney, a leading international publication specializing in financial and banking affairs. This recognition underscores the bank's exceptional efforts in catering to the needs of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.

On this occasion, Haethum Buttikhi, CEO of Jordan Kuwait Bank, stated, "This award highlights our commitment to providing innovative and comprehensive banking solutions for SMEs. We have developed a business model that addresses the challenges faced by these companies, contributing to their growth and prosperity."

He continued, "We are proud of this recognition, which reflects our unwavering dedication to supporting SMEs, a key driver of economic growth. We believe in offering comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of these companies amid current challenges, including rising interest rates, inflation, and supply chain disruptions." He further explained that Jordan Kuwait Bank continues to innovate its solutions and services to meet clients' needs, enhancing partnerships beyond traditional banking relationships.

Fadi Khalil, Head of Corporate Business at Jordan Kuwait Bank, added: "The challenges facing SMEs are intensified by current economic conditions, which is why we are committed to providing the necessary support. We focus on offering green financing solutions in sectors that reduce energy costs, improve water use efficiency, and treat wastewater, in line with the Green Financing Strategy 2023-2028 launched by the Central Bank of Jordan."

Jordan Kuwait Bank has adopted an innovative banking model that strengthens its relationships with SMEs, providing value-added services tailored to their specific needs and challenges. The bank emphasizes offering innovative financial solutions, including green financing and promoting a circular economy, benefiting all stakeholders and supporting sustainable development goals.