Jordan Kuwait Bank Launches MASA: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Personal Assistant for its Mobile Application

Sep 26, 2023

In collaboration with Salma AI, Jordan Kuwait Bank leads the way in Digital Innovation, offering a superior customer experience.

AMMAN, Jordan—08, 2023— Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) is delighted to announce the highly anticipated launch of MASA, an innovative AI-powered digital assistant. Seamlessly integrated into the JKB Mobile Application, MASA is set to revolutionize the banking experience to JKB customers. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing demand for convenient and efficient banking solutions, Jordan Kuwait Bank has taken an accelerating step forward by introducing MASA. This groundbreaking digital assistant harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide customers with an unparalleled level of personalized assistance and enabled financial transactions.

MASA represents the intersection between innovation and convenience. It illustrates JKB's dedication to implementing contemporary technological advances into the customer banking experience, from addressing user inquiries to completing diverse financial transactions.

Users can effortlessly converse with MASA using Arabic slang language voice or text, whether through JKB Mobile or JKB's specialized WhatsApp platform. Leveraging MASA's voice recognition, clients are introduced to an intuitive interface ensuring a more accessible and smooth banking experience.

MASA is not just about cutting-edge design; its functionalities span a wide array, whether through CliQ transfers, or overseeing bill settlements, MASA has it covered. Moreover, it features an extensive segment of FAQs, and providing insights into JKB's complete range of banking solutions and offerings.

Ahmed Nawasrah, Salma AI CEO said, “We are delighted to support JKB in developing MASA, the first of its kind financial assistant that will serve as its digital hub, with Salma AI’s vast experience in AI, NLP, ML, data analytics and digital technologies, we trust that MASA will enable JKB’s customers to have a secure and smooth experience while allowing JKB to cut operational costs, resulting in an enhanced overall experience when banking digitally.”

Suhail Salman, Head of Retail Business at JKB commented: "Today, banks must continuously innovate and respond to evolving business dynamics, integrate emerging technologies into their technology stack, while collaborating with a diverse group of partners and third-party service providers. At Jordan Kuwait Bank, we envision a banking world that's streamlined, swift, and tailored to our clients' distinct requirements. MASA not only a technological leap, it is our commitment that manifested towards unparalleled customer service and banking innovation. "



About Salma AI:


Founded in 2021, Salma AI is a technology company specializing in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered solutions for the financial services industry. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric design, Salma AI aims to revolutionize the way banks and financial institutions engage with their customers and manage their operations.


Salma AI’s flagship product is the Virtual Financial Assistant, an AI-driven platform designed to provide personalized, efficient, and secure services to bank customers. From handling routine queries to executing complete financial transactions, the Virtual Financial Assistant is engineered to meet a wide range of customer needs while reducing operational costs for the bank.