Jordan Kuwait Bank named Gold Sponsor of JOIN Fincubator by JoPACC to drive Fintech Innovation in Jordan's Financial Sector

May 24, 2023

JOIN Fincubator a Fintech incubator aimed at promoting innovation and growth in Jordan's financial sector. Digital and Fintech solutions have become essential in supporting country initiatives and empowering youth in various sectors.

Ms. Maha Bahou, CEO of JoPACC, expressed her excitement about collaborating with the sponsors of JOIN Fincubator and emphasized the importance of uniting forces in the financial sector. She highlighted the need to attract, support, and empower startups, providing them with an enabling environment to successfully launch their innovative solutions and services.

With the rise of digitalization, there is a growing need for innovative solutions to address challenges and promote growth in the economy. Fintech has emerged as a powerful tool in driving financial inclusion, facilitating transactions, and creating job opportunities for youth. Digital platforms and mobile apps have revolutionized the way we interact with financial institutions, making financial services more accessible and user-friendly for young people. In addition, digital and Fintech solutions have enabled governments to offer services online, improving efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Therefore, it is crucial to embrace digital and Fintech solutions to promote economic growth and provide opportunities for young people to thrive in the digital age. By investing in these solutions, countries can create a more inclusive and sustainable economy, ensuring that the youth can participate in and benefit from economic development.

In collaboration with JoPACC, JKB plans to use its digital capabilities and expertise to work closely with Fintech innovators and stakeholders to eliminate obstacles and establish new opportunities for growth and success. The bank's focus is on improving the customer experience and increasing financial inclusion by creating new Fintech products and services. CEO Haethum S. Buttikhi stated: “That JKB is dedicated to driving digital transformation and innovation in the financial sector, and JOIN Fincubator provides an excellent platform for achieving these objectives. Jordan Kuwait Bank is excited to collaborate with JoPACC and other members of the JOIN Fincubator to create a more vibrant and dynamic Fintech ecosystem in Jordan, which will promote innovation, create jobs, and enhance the financial well-being of individuals and businesses across the country”.