Jordan Kuwait Bank the First Sponsor to Ezwitti Initiative

Oct 9, 2023

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) has provided an annual donation to the non-profit initiative “Ezwitti”. The restaurant aims to achieve the concept of social solidarity. Its idea is based on the principle of “the host and the guest”, where the “host” buys two meals at cost price, one for them and one for who deserves it from the less fortunate members of society. The “host” puts a coupon on the restaurants wall, which the “guest” can take then take and exchange for a complete meal.  


In addition to the donation, the Bank also installed a board of pre-paid coupons bearing the Bank’s name and logo. JKB has also allocated a day each month for its employees to volunteer by cooking, cleaning, serving food, and distributing it to the less fortunate passers-by. This is part of the Bank’s commitment to social responsibility and promoting the concept of solidarity.