Jordan Kuwait Bank Holds a Workshop in Collaboration with Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA)

Feb 23, 2023


Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) held an introductory workshop entitled (Financing and Support Programs for SMEs). The workshop was held at the Amman Chamber of Commerce on February 21, 2023, to apply the community contribution model, and provide the necessary financial and non-financial services to such enterprises, to strengthen their businesses and social and economic empowerment. The workshop covered several key topics, such as:

  • Corporate products provided by Jordan Kuwait Bank
  • General information about the corporate sector
  • Necessary requirements to obtain funding and supporting documentations.
  • Clarifications on financial statements and financial analysis.

Representatives from JKB provided a complete and thorough description  of the programs it offers, with a view to the continued development of an integrated model of financial inclusion, to start entrepreneurial businesses and promote it. In addition to products for women-owned business aimed at promoting women’s economic empowerment and increasing their participation in the economy.

The workshop also included informative material on how to obtain funding, the necessary paperwork, requirements, and how to prepare them, assistance in the preparation of financial statements, the importance of auditing financial statements at the time of application. This includes assisting applicants at the pre-application stage, having regard to the type and size of the enterprise. In addition to introducing and categorizing SMEs, and knowing the state of readiness of the enterprise, discussing the different challenges they may face, and how to manage them to create job opportunities and boost the Jordanian economy.