Bank Accounts

If you are having trouble logging to your Jordan Kuwait Bank Online Banking service and you are using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) browser you are kindly required to:

  • Add the JKBOnline website address in the compatibility view settings  located under Tools.
  • Use a different internet browser
    If your problem persists, or are experiencing a different problem on log-in, please call the contact center at 06-5200999 / 080022066.

In case you forgot your user information which are the “User ID” and the “Password”, or your account gets locked due to invalid account information entered in ten login trials,

Please call the contact center at 06-5200999 / 080022066 or send an Email to [email protected]

To open an account with Jordan Kuwait Bank you are required to visit one of our branches that are conveniently distributed throughout the Kingdom and a branch in Cyprus.

Please note that opening a bank account with Jordan Kuwait Bank via the internet is not possible. 

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed standard used to identify bank accounts worldwide to facilitate faster payment processing.

To ensure funds are received successfully to your account at Jordan Kuwait Bank, you will need to provide the sending party with the following information:

  • The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) where the funds will be received.  To obtain your IBAN Number (Jordan Branches), visit the link HTTPS://WWW.JKB.COM.JO/IBS/IBANINQUIRY.JSP
  • The full name of the account holder as per the Bank’s records
  • The name of the branch receiving the funds
  • The swift code. If the funds are to be received by one of Jordan Kuwait Bank’s branches in Jordan, the SWIFT Code/ BIC  is: JKBAJOAM

Yes, for example, you can open:

  • Current-Retail account in JOD and the same name .
  • Savings Deposit account in $ and the same name .
  • Golden investment deposit account in euro and the same name .

All billers registered in the E-Fawateercom electronic bill payment in addition to the payment of other bills: Water Company, IATA company for shipping and aviation, Women's Fund, Tamweelcom, Al-Ameen Company payments, the University of Jordan and Balqa Applied University fees, central gas company, the Chinese Embassy, Bashiq company payments, Finca company to finance small projects and loans, Amex company payments, sales tax and income tax payments



"One Time Password" (OTP) technology aims to resolve the secure passwords issues, such as weak passwords generated by the users who neglect to develop strong passwords, in addition to making accessing un-authorized users to the system much more difficult, by generating unique numeric combinations that constantly change, therefore reducing risks associated with the authentication mechanism.

Prepaid Card holders from Jordan Kuwait Bank can inquire about the balance on the card at any Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM or online at the following website https://www.jkb.com.jo/IBS/CardInquiry.jsp

Funds on the Prepaid card can be recharged at any Jordan Kuwait Bank branch or online, using the online banking (JKB Online) service, for the Bank’s clients who have subscribed to this service. 

Kindly note that the minimum re-charge amount is 20JD and must be in round JD amounts.


1,000  JOD daily or its equivalent in US dollars in Jordan .


You should visit the nearest branch to sign a new credit card PIN request form, or please call the contact center at 06-5200999 / 080022066  


Yes, you can get an extra card for example, if you have a primary credit card you should fill a new application for the issuance of an additional supplementary card at the branch .


All cards issued by JKB operate outside Jordan and according to the agreements with the providers.


To benefit for the MasterCard credit Card s Installment Plan:

  • Use Jordan Kuwait Bank’s MasterCard credit card for your purchases with an amount of 100 JOD or more from any of our participating partners.
  • When making your purchase and before swiping the card at the POS, kindly inform the merchant / service provider to select the payment installment option and choose your repayment period (3, 6, 9, or 12) months.
  • The merchant/ service provider will select the installment plan and details using the POS device.
  • You will receive a paper receipt with the installment plan details including the amount, monthly installment payment amount, and number of installments.